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Robotic Total Station

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The GeoMax Zoom3D is an easy-to-use & fast 3D measuring instrument, ideal for indoor as well as outdoor applications. Use it as an innovative & user-friendly Robotic Total Station: simply position it & turn it on. The Zoom3D will measure & layout any site. 3D measurements have never been so easy & fast. With its simple configuration & self-levelling the Zoom3D will speed up all your daily work.

The Micro Robotic Solution makes it ideal for one-man operation. Its powerful software is equipped with a target recognition technology, automatically aiming & tracking the target mounted on a standard TPS pole. The Zoom3D is the ideal partner for all daily tasks in any small construction site, from as-built survey to the stake out.

GeoMax Zoom3D at a glance

With very simple configuration & equipped with an auto levelling feature, the GeoMax Zoom3D is a plug-and-play solution that speeds up your daily tasks. A highly accurate combination of distance & angle measurements determine the precise position of each point targeted with the integral camera & captured with the laser beam. In short: the GeoMax Zoom3D detects the location & the height of the target point.

The Zoom3D is simple to set up, with auto levelling & easy-to-use onboard software which links to the 7" tablet. It's ideal for a wide range of indoor applications such as measuring, setting out or plumbing points. Levelling can now be completed with greater ease & speed, then exported in most common file formats.

GeoMax Zoom3D - Robotic Total Station

For outdoor tasks, the Micro Robotic solution is equipped with target recognition technology that automatically & easily centres & follows the target, allowing surveys & stakeouts on small construction sites. The software includes a full set of tools to check distances, slopes, angles, directly in the construction site, combined with easy data export.

  • Target recognition technology
  • Auto targeting & tracking functions
  • Ideal for small construction sites
GeoMax Zoom3D - export to DXF

Robotic Projection App

Thanks to the Zoom3D’s drawing function quickly & easily measure & draw the 3D environment, & then export the result in DXF format.

GeoMax Zoom3D - Volume Calculation

Robotic Area & Volume App

X·PAD Zoom3D enables you to calculate a volume & the cut/fill portions, directly in the field.


GeoMax Zoom3D - Check Planes

Check Planes App

Using the pole with the target you can easily calculate the distance from the pole & a horizontal or sloped reference plane.

GeoMax Zoom3D - Stakeout Function

Stakeout App

With the ability to import a drawing via DXF file the XPAD Software is able to stakeout for site layout. Using the target you can stakeout with only one operator.

GeoMax Zoom3D - Relocation

Relocation Function

This function allows you to move position efficiently & accurately while still working on the same job. Used when working over longer distances, from room to room, around buildings or simply moving to a new position for a better view to continue your survey.

GeoMax Zoom3D - Check Distance & Offset

Distance & Offset App

Whether your measuring off an existing building or would just like to find a particular point of interest. This function enables you to type in your desired measurement from a datum point to locate the exact position.

Additional information

Location, height, & distance can now be measured in XYZ from one location, in one measurement. It has never been easier to create as-built records of ceiling, floor, & roof surfaces; volumes; slopes; height differences; angles; & much more. Plumb points around obstacles - no problem!
The rugged, non-slip sensor can be placed on any stable surface or mounted on a tripod using the 5/8" thread.

The Leica 3D Disto is controlled by a robust, hand-held unit or by remote control. Points are aimed at & measurements triggered on the tablet screen & the 8x zoom is perfect for longer distances.

Users will be amazed by the intuitive user interface. “Wizards” assist with more complex measuring tasks. The real-time display of measurements as drawings on the screen allow on-site completeness checks. At the press of a button data is recorded in standard tables, photos, DXF, and text files. It is so easy!

The benefits of the Leica 3D Disto laser measure:

Benefits Popular with
Goniometer (Hz/V) Range of measurement Horizontal 360°; vertical 250° Staircase installers
Accuracy 5˝, equates to 1.2 mm @ 50 m Kitchen fitters
Laser distance meter Range of measurement 0.5 - 50 m Glass partitions
Digital pointfinder Self-levelling range ± 3° Interior designers
10˝, equates to 2.5 mm @ 50 m Shop fitters
Zoom (magnification) 1×, 2×, 4×, 8× Architects
Operation Screen:
High-resolution screen, 1280 × 800 pixels, 7" TFT LCD , 16 million colors
Ship builders
Keys / user interface:
1 On / Off button
Memory Flash memory 32 GB
US B type B, power supply power pack,
Communication Cable: US B: Micro-B US B and type A, WLAN
Wireless range: 50 m (depending on environment)
Data format Import DXF; export DXF, TXT, CS V, JPG
Remote control (IR) Range 50 m (depending on environment)
Communication Infrared (IR)
Battery 1 AA , 1.5 V
Environmental conditions Water and dust protection 3D Disto: IP54 (IEC 60529)
Hand-held unit: IP5x

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